Culture.  it’s a subject we discuss constantly. We talk about– and think about– how to shape it, what it means to us, and what it means to our future hires.  We regularly ask each other: how do we create a good culture? How do we keep people invested in our culture? How do we establish a culture that accurately reflects our values?   Over the past few months, the answer has become increasingly clear: culture is maintained by the people who personify the company’s values.

Our mission at Longview Strategies is to surround ourselves with people who get it.  Sounds simple, right? Well, not entirely.  To us, “getting it” means we’re defined by the people who are here to make an impact on our clients’ businesses while making an impact in a larger sense (think socially progressive efforts).

In order to practice what we preach and demonstrate how we “get it” we established core values that are woven into everything we do.  At Longview Strategies, we are: honest, thoughtful, unconstrained and unafraid.

What does that mean?

Honest:  We stay committed to what we say we are going to do. And that doesn’t just apply to client work.  Our leadership team believes in raising our employees up in ways specific to them, and we remain transparent and straightforward in regards to how our team members will grow.

Thoughtful: We don’t do marketing for marketing’s sake.  If our clients are working towards achieving a specific goal, we’ll tailor a thoughtful program for them that makes sense. We also take great care to ensure we approach our colleagues thoughtfully as well.  In fact, everyone at Longview Strategies is required to take a personality assessment so we know how to best relate to our office mates.

Unconstrained: Longview Strategies is a new company, so we have a great opportunity to create something that’s different.  A good way to be different is to by being unconstrained when it comes to how we tackle our business dealings.

Unafraid: We like to break things. Sounds harsh, but seriously, if it’s old and boring, let’s break it up and find something that works.  If we think something is going to do the trick, we’re not afraid to develop a thoughtful new direction.  We’re also unafraid of admitting what we don’t know— a rarity in agency culture.

We have a little story that shows our values were budding years ago, before Longview Strategies existed.  Evan and I met on LinkedIn in 2012; I was living in Chicago and had my own PR practice, he was President of a different firm.  We ended up scheduling an “interview” which turned into a conversation about how we approach business.  That conversation revealed our values are aligned; the way we treated our respective employees and our clients.  Today, we take the Longview and are interested in building, growing, and testing everything—our abilities, our strategies, and our core competencies.  Our team members are also tasked with being invested in the Longview on their first day of work with us.

For us, embodying our values, our company name and our vision is what leads to a great culture.  Those who dig it will thrive here and help us to become more versatile professionals.

Having said that, we want to know: are you ready to take the Longview? Visit this blog to read more about how our minds work, and if you’re interested in working with us (or hiring us) give us a shout at @LongviewStrat on Twitter.


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