Social Media Gains at Established Retailer


A regional family-owned retail business with five locations looked to communicate its history in the local marketplace and its emphasis on representing several national/international brands. The company approaches their customers as if they were part of the family.


Originally retained to combat a crisis communication situation, we were then tasked with evolving our social media and public relations strategy to correlate with the company’s other marketing and advertising efforts. We set out to gain followers on social media platforms, boost engagement, and keep customers talking.


We held monthly strategy meetings to discuss each store location’s goals, opportunities, and how they fit into the overall company strategy. Armed with this information, we drafted compelling and creative social content to drive reach and interest from prospective and current buyers.

We implemented real-time community management and deployed a mix of organic and paid social media content that included clear calls to action. The social pages reached 360 percent more customers year over year, amounting to a 1,139 percent increase in customer engagement. In fact, one of the locations alone reached 502 percent more customers and saw a 5,586 percent increase in engagement year over year.


customer engagement


customer reach